Smartsheets For Lean Safety Management

Why You Should Be Using Smartsheets to Manage Your Safety Process

Reason Number 1 – Real-time notifications

I have been an fan and avid user of the cloud platform Smartsheets – for several years.  I have used it to deploy production planning, logistics planning, quality management systems, project management, and safety incident management processes. 

The last reason is what I’d like to highlight here – using to eliminate waste in your safety incident management process. 

Applying an 8 Waste Analysis we can see multiple sources of waste in the process.

The number one reason I have used and recommend using smartsheets is the ability to provide real-time notification via email, text messages, or Microsoft Teams the moment an incident occurs eliminating the waste of waiting for critical information about the current state of organizational safety.

A simple form created for the incident management sheet allows inputs for notifications from a desktop, mobile phone, or tablet. No user license is necessary to be able to use the input form meaning you can deploy to anyone involved in any activity with your organization.  

Try it out for yourself here – Safety Incident Notification Form

I have created a sample Safety Incident Management Log to use as an example.

As an additional treat, I have included a QR code as another sample of what is possible to have real-time notification of a safety incident. This QR Code can be printed at various places in your plant or site for people who have access to mobile devices to provide a quick short cut for incident reporting purposes:

Enter the data for a sample incident and put your email address as the manager.  You can even include some of your peers in the Contact 1, 2, and 3, boxes by entering their email addresses to allow them to see the capabilities first hand. Note that they will also receive the notification. When you push submit you (and any additional contacts) will receive an email notification of the incident details.  Imagine the simplicity and efficiency of scaling this to your organization where incident occurrences and critical details are shared real-time. 

Just a moment or two after pressing submit you will receive an email with the details you entered. As an example, here is one I received for a sample incident that I entered:

Imagine being able to keep every stakeholder in the loop with necessary details of critical safety incident information.

As a sneak peek into the next reason why you need to use smartsheets, you can see the result of data on a sample safety dashboard that updates real-time when a form is completed:

This dashboard allows you to see the current state of all your incidents, what phase or stage they are in, a chart of incidents by type, injury, location, root cause, etc.

I welcome your feedback and recommendations on this process.

This is only scratching the surface so if you’d like more information before the following posts are uploaded feel free to reach out and contact me directly.

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