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Here are the thoughts, ideas, and strategies that have been used to create and develop high-performing teams and organizations. I hope you find something you can use or something that you can improve upon in your own journey to Operational Excellence

I Know This Isn’t The Right Way

Threats may lead employees to focus on short-term goals and immediate results, rather than strategic thinking and long-term planning. This approach may yield some quick wins, but it can hurt the organization’s overall progress and innovation in the long run.

A Manager’s Dilemma – The Ultimate Hypocrisy

Managers are often seen as responsible for their team’s performance, and when employees fail, it can be seen as a reflection of poor management or leadership. On the other hand, when employees succeed, it is often attributed to their individual skills and abilities rather than the guidance or support their manager provides.

S.U.C.C.E.S.S. It’s All About Other People

…because leadership is a collaborative process that involves uniting the skills, knowledge, and efforts of a team to achieve a common goal. This requires effective communication, trust, empowerment, and adaptability, all of which involve interacting with and relying on others.


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